Agoy Wellbeing Centre's evening of art and healing

Agoy Wellbeing opens its doors for an evening of art and healing

The Agoy Wellbeing Centre opened in Prahran in May 2010, offering a peaceful space for people from all walks of life. On Saturday 28 August, the Centre invites everyone to come along to a creative therapy evening, which will include the creation of a tree mural and a soulplay workshop, along with song and healing.

Art and Healing 2010


Located only a few steps away from the bustle of Chapel Street is the tranquil Agoy Wellbeing Centre, a peaceful space for people from all walks of life. Barely two months old, the Centre has already become a hub for those who need an escape from hectic urban life, through its unique combination of wellbeing programs and practices all housed in a beautiful space.

What's On Offer?

Jason Watson, the owner of the Agoy Wellbeing Centre, has carefully selected a highly capable group of practitioners in massage, kinesiology, energy healing and counselling who offer their services at the Centre. He himself has pioneered the instruction of Agoy, a powerful metaphysical hybrid combining yoga, meditation, sound and energy healing, a practice that the Centre revolves around.

On Saturday, August 28, the Centre will continue its unique celebration of life, love, happiness and peace by organising a creative therapy party with a difference. The evening will kick off with a facilitated creation of a tree mural by local artist Ursula Dutkiewicz and continue with a soulplay workshop as well as Aboriginal, Maori and Zairian music. There will also be free tea and Reiki healing on offer.

"We are delighted to be opening our doors wide open again," says Jason Watson. "It will be an evening for bringing people together through art and healing, so that they may be uplifted, find joy and peace and give a little bit of that to the world."

The party begins at 8pm and entry is $15.

About Agoy

The Agoy Wellbeing Centre envisages providing a healing environment where people have access to powerful personal development tools. The Centre is unique in that it offers Agoy, a combination of yoga, meditation, sound therapy and energy healing. It works primarily on changing the energetic system of the body, while removing emotional blocks and creating balance.

The revolutionary method was devised by legendary healer John Morris to assist in transforming people's lives towards deeper levels of peace and happiness. The Centre also offers its therapy rooms for hire to various practitioners from a range of healing modalities to encourage the use of multiple services that relate to different aspects of being, be it for physical, mental, emotional or spiritual wellbeing.

Contact Information

Name: art and healing
Date: 28 August, 2010
Mobile: 0413 783 453
e-mail : jason at

Agoy Wellbeing Centre,
24 Clifton Street, Prahran


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