Craft Cubed Festival

Are you ready to take a look inside the world of crafts in Melborne? If so then you're definitely in for a treat if you visit the Festival Hub at Craft Victoria.

The annual Craft Cubed festival is one that shows the ideas of the greatest crafters in the world, giving you a unique opportunity to see the world through the eyes of a crafter. Crafting is more than art. Crafting is the expression of the human mind in ways that one can barely imagine. The best part about crafting is that it is inexpensive, effective, and even enjoyable.

Started in 1970, the Crafts Council of Victoria has been holding this event and promoting crafts ever since. Not only will you have the opportunity to view the different examples of craftwork, but you will also have a great opportunity to discuss crafts with others, learn new ideas, and above all, make brand new friends who share the same passion as you do.
No matter what form of craft you like, and no matter what your other interests may be, come visit Craft Cubed in Melbourne.

Take a look at the fine crafts, but first visit for more information and event pricing.

You will even gain an inside look at the crafts being displayed at the event his year. If you are a craft lover or even want to learn, this is the place for you; don't miss out on this extraordinary opportunity. Buy your tickets and make your reservation today!

Craft Cubed Festival
Date: 5 Aug - 4 Sep 2010
Venue: Festival hub at Craft Victoria with satellite events across Victoria
31 Flinders Ln
Melbourne VIC 3000

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