UCI Road World Championships Cycling

UCI Road World Championships Cycling

UCI Road World Championships Cycling

September and early October will see five days of the most exciting cycling event that exists come to Melbourne. The UCI World Championships in Road are surpassed in cycling events only by the Tour de France, and then not by much.

Australia will play host to some of the best riders that exist in the world today. Five days of competitive cycling will feature those riders in unparalleled action.More than 400 of the worlds most elite athletes will come to Melbourne to compete in the time trials and the road racing events which are going to be based out of Geelong.

The racing that is set for Geelong and Melbourne will be doing something that is unprecedented. They will begin in one city and will end in another, with the race beginning in Melbourne and ending with some of the most complex laps taking place en route to Geelong. Given the kind of route that will be taken, you can expect to see some exciting competition and some tired cyclists at the end of the road.

All along the route spectators will be lined to view the race, with a tough competition expected to take place that will see new records and new heights achieved in the sport of cycling.. The cycling event taking place is new to Melbourne and in fact to Australia. The difficult of the course and the many outstanding competitors who will be taking part will make this an exciting race with a great deal to see.

For those of you who might like to help out with the new course and the history making event for Australia, the cycling event is asking for volunteers to assist with the course necessities. You may volunteer for the events at the website listed for the UCI Road World Championships Cycling. Whether you are working or watching the event, this is definitely one that you don't want to miss.

UCI Road World Championships Cycling
Date: 29 Sep - 3 Oct 2010
Venue: Geelong and Melbourne, Moorabool St Geelong Victoria
Telephone: 03 9671 4411
Website: www.melbourne2010.com.au

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